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Belyando Livestock & Property Pty Ltd

"Exception to the Rule"

Belyando Livestock & Property Pty Ltd was founded on hard work, professionalism and trust; values that never waver. We proudly carry the Belyando Livestock & Property Pty Ltd name, a symbol of quality and integrity. We take great pride in providing a high level of personalised service to create a quality experience for all clients, one that you will truly appreciate.


Service Offerings

Whether you're selling a property, restocking your breeder block, or buying your first home, Belyando Livestock & Property Pty Ltd will offer you a seamless experience so you can achieve your livestock and property goals. We offer a wide range of professional services to the Belyando Valley and Desert Uplands within the Galilee Basin; including the townships of Alpha and Jericho. We will work with you to achieve the best outcomes.


Selling and sourcing commercial and seedstock livestock privately and through local selling centres

Rural Property

The preeminent marketer of rural property in the Upper Belyando Valley

Urban Property

Residential and Commercial property sales in the townships of Alpha and Jericho

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